Entrepreneurship Trail - Day-2

The fervor, zeal, keenness and enthusiasm was at the highest velocity among the participant of the Spark, Entrepreneurship Trail on the second at IBA, main campus Karachi.
Had not slept well yesterday night despite this the energy level and motivation to attend and listen the distinguished speakers triggered to be there till the end of the day.

The day started with the finding ways to raise money - Everyone wants money, don't you? - for the start up. Mr. Ayaz and Mrs. Kazi were the guests who imparted us with the knowledge and information on how to raise capital for the new venture. As everyone know, borrowing money from the banks is the most difficult for the business, which is at the initial stage, so do opined by the guest speakers. According to Mr. Kazi, Banks must be pursued to put notice on their website "Borrowing from Banks for the start ups is injurious to the venture."
The most favorable and easiest way to raise the capital for the start up is from family and friends circle who are always to give you some of the money because of the trust vested by them in you.

Umair Jaliawala, a renowned trainer of the country and who is very much loved by Young generation, started his training session with his crazy style.
He lecture was concerned with the sales, turning into Cheetah. His energy level was so high that he infused some of his energy into the audiences. Applause to him!
The session started with the question "Who loves sales?" Surprisingly, none of the participants raised the hand. Interestingly, "Everyone is selling some idea, service, or convincing; said Jaliawala." 
Following this every participant was directed to sale anything he/she has for Rs. 50. The auditorium turned into Sales Hub where everyone was selling something - idea, service, product, etc. Some of the participants sold mobile credit, perfume, tissue paper, etc.
The most strange, one of the participant sold his body for beating purpose that raised him revenue of Rs. 600. 

Ramesh Patel from Tanzania was the another distinguished entrepreneur who shared his experience of his business life. He was the most inspiring for the participants who wish to start up their business. Despite having less eye sight, poor education, indebted companies he managed to get from all these hurdles. Now he owns 6 companies with 100% shareholding, 5 companies with smart amount of shareholding.

Ramiz Allahwala, a distinguished trainer, trained thousands of people in middle east, US, and many other countries imparted with the ideas. His focus was revolving around following principles:

  1. Details: Entrepreneur must know about the everything - Customer, Operations, Financial, Partnering, etc.
  2. Rules: Businessman must be adept to learn about the changing rules, changing partners' heart, customers' promises and suppliers change plan.
  3. Odds: One must be prepared for the odds - failure, bad plan. In the end 'Don't be fool, be vigilant'
In the last, we presented our business plan, each group was entitled three minutes to present problem and the solution of that problem from the perspective of business. 

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