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Year of Revolutions

After the big chnage of technology, which changed the world totally from seperate villages to a one single global village. Now it has been experiencing the utter change in many nations in terms of REVOLUTIONS.
After the change is Tunisia and Egypt, many Arab nations are expecting to chage theri leadership. Now its turn of Bahrain, Yemen, Libya and Algeria.
Masses of the each country are on the roads to claim leadership chnage, which is two to three decades old.
We hope for the best for those nations.

Bravo Egyptian People!

After the struggle of 18 days, President of Egypt, Mr. Hosni Mubarrak resigned from the chair.
Thousand of Egyptian people gather at Tahrir Square to celeberate the most memorable day of thier history.

When masses stand no governement can stand to resist them, this has been proved in recent revolution of Egypt.

Zaradari lodged case against Jang group of Publication of $100 million

President Asif Ali Zardari lodged case against the Jang group of publication on telecasting the rumor of his marriage.
Sources said some days before many website including Jang group of publication on spreading false rumor of his maariage with Tanveer Zamini.
He was opined that his credibility has been damaged by the false information.

Rumors affloat on President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardar's marriage with Tanveer Zamani

Asif Zardari got married to Tanveer Zamani according to Muslim Shiyat Bylaws in Dubai last week.
The ceremony has not been held. However the marriage religious vows, paper work and prenuptials have been confirmed. Nine black goats, 6 cows and 1 camel was sacrificed at this sacred occasion.
Many websites are confirming the news as the event occured in recent days.

She is a Mediterranean descent American resident, and she lives in Gramercy Park, Manhattan, New York.
Zamani is a practicing physician and known to be a Bhutto party loyalist.
She earned PhD degree in International Politics from UK. She owns estates in London, Dubai, Islamabad and Manhattan.
However, world is eagerly waiting for the official announcement.

Raymond (US Citizen) name has been put on ECL

Davis Raymond has killed two Pakistani's in Lahore, which at first point has been said to be the employee of US embassy, later news confirmed he was not employee there.
Raymond's name has been put on Exit Control List (ECL).
The Lahore high court bench is listening the case of Raymond.