Sindhi Lesson from Primary Class with English Translation

        LESSON - 2      God The Great The God has created us. The God has given us eyes. We see through those eyes. The God has given us hands. We perform day-to-day tasks with those hands. Fruits are his creations for us. He is very Kind. We are his disciples. He is our God. We thank him all the time.


What do you think of Motivation?

Do you think motivation always comes from the positive indicators? Is it a positive word that you have got from your parents motivated you to top the exams? Or is it a promotion that triggered you to outperform the others?

In most cases, motivators need to be some positive force which pushes you to achieve the target. For example, I am working late hours in the office with the thing in my mind that at the end of the year it'll result in a better rise in salary or promotion. The word of your parent that you got the talent and mind to score the 700+ in GMAT motivates you to study hard.

The question arises, can a negative comment/word have such an impact? In certain cases, a big YES.

Here is little experience of my life:

I was an average student till my intermediate and barely managed to pass the examination. After passing the intermediate, I planned to take admission in Business Administration; when I discussed with my friend he said and I quote &qu…

Moharram Poetry

Hazaar Sajday Zameen-e-haram pe hon lekin..
Haasil Rooh-e-ibaadat nahi tau kuch nahi..
Bata diyaa hai Nabi Pak (PBUH) key Taweel sajday ne..
Hussain Tujhe Mohabbat nahi tau kuch bhi nahi..

Most Expensive Watch and PM Pakistan

Since Couple of days Pakistani media generally and Political parties in opposition specially have discussing and criticizing the Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan for wearing one of the most expensive wrist watch - Louis Moinet -   in the world.

When I was kid, I used to spend not more than PKR 1,000/ to buy wrist watch but as I grew older my budget increased and I used to insist with my father that I need to buy some good watch so I can stand unique in my Friend's circle. You may call it showing off or anything but that feeling was very different and pleasing one.. Since I'm independent now and earn some good amount, so I don't buy less than what I had to buy with my father's money.

Living standard goes up when income or saving increases.

The plot here is what is wrong in wearing wrist watch of $ 4.6 million or PKR 46 Crore? I see nothing wrong in it when one can earn Billions of Rupees per year. Mr. PM is not a poor person, he is renowned industrialist of the Pakistan…

Profit on PLS Savigns Account

Hurrah! Yet another milestone by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on advising Banks to give profit rate on average monthly balance to its customers maintaining Profit & Loss Sharing (PLS) or Savings account in Pak Rupee. 
Since last decade SBP has been playing the very role of, or atleast trying to, Central Bank in the economy. It has brought many reforms pertaining to the Banking generally and depositors particularly. Before Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, the 14th Governor of State Bank of Pakistan, Banks used to give profit on saving account not more than 2-3 percent. Thanks to her, she gave order to the all Banks in the country to give profit no less then 6% p.a.
If you're not shrewed, you're not supposed to be a Banker - A saying very common. Realizing the jump of 3-4 percent on deposit cost, Bankers found a way to curtail the cost. They decided to adhere with the State Bank policy - Which they're supposed to - and at the same time cut cost by saying, Okay we'll pay 6% p.a. on…

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) launched SMS service

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) launched SMS service for voters list verification. According to officials it is world's largest SMS service for voters list verification.

If someone wants to confirm whether his/her name is in the voters lists of Election 2012, I mean upcoming election, one needs to send a simple SMS. This service is available to all cellular company customers. This is just away at your finger tips, follow the simple Procedure for confirmation.

Just go to write message option of your mobile phone, type your CNIC number and send it to 8300.

Write message -> Type your CNIC number -> 8300
4351875987451  [type your CNIC number without dashes (-)]

ECP will send an SMS confirming your name in the list with the details of vicinity where you would be entitles to cast the vote. The message will be like follows:

CNIC: 4351875987451
Electoral Area: Clifton, Karachi
Block Code: 333030214
Sr. #: 96

This is worth appreciating service which will enable youth to confirm…


Aao K DECEMBR Ko Rukhsat Karen..
Kuch Khushiyon Ko Sambhaal Kar,
Kuch Aansu'on Ko Taal Kar..
Jo Lamhy Guzry Chahaton Mein,
Jo Pall Beety Rafakaton Mein..
Kabhi Waqt K Saath Chalty Chalty,
Jo Thak K Ruky Raaston Mein..
Kabhi Khushiyon Ki Umeed Mili,
Kabhi Bichrey Huon Ki Deed Mili..
Kabhi Be'Panah Muskura Diye,
Kabhi Hansty Hansty Ro Diye..
In Saary Lamhon Ko
Ab Mukhtasir Karen,
Aao K DECEMBR Ko Rukhsat Karen....,,,!