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Sindhi Lesson from Primary Class with English Translation

        LESSON - 2      God The Great The God has created us. The God has given us eyes. We see through those eyes. The God has given us hands. We perform day-to-day tasks with those hands. Fruits are his creations for us. He is very Kind. We are his disciples. He is our God. We thank him all the time.


What do you think of Motivation?

Do you think motivation always comes from the positive indicators? Is it a positive word that you have got from your parents motivated you to top the exams? Or is it a promotion that triggered you to outperform the others?

In most cases, motivators need to be some positive force which pushes you to achieve the target. For example, I am working late hours in the office with the thing in my mind that at the end of the year it'll result in a better rise in salary or promotion. The word of your parent that you got the talent and mind to score the 700+ in GMAT motivates you to study hard.

The question arises, can a negative comment/word have such an impact? In certain cases, a big YES.

Here is little experience of my life:

I was an average student till my intermediate and barely managed to pass the examination. After passing the intermediate, I planned to take admission in Business Administration; when I discussed with my friend he said and I quote &qu…