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Royal Wdding Localised

KARACHI: His Royal Highness Nawab Shahabuddin Mohammad Akbar the XXIII (popularly known as Prince Akbar) is all set to marry Sonya Usmani in what is marked to be ‘the’ wedding of modern day Pakistan. As the country winces under inflation and instability, many are making discounts for a day that’ll bring a spirit of celebration, formerly expected from the cricket team.

The government, as expected, has announced Friday, April 29, as a national holiday.

Critics believe the royal display of wealth is a show of apathy towards the nation’s crumbling economy. “They’re using the taxpayers’ money to pay Nizamuddin’s bill,” argued one socialite who wasn’t on event manager Frieha Altaf’s guest list. But the royal family’s spokespeople are arguing that since most people in Pakistan don’t pay taxes, this doesn’t apply.

The bride, Sonya Usmani’s dress is under great speculation and the ISI has been guarding the designer’s identity as a trade secret. Rumours are rife that it will be Bunto Kazmi, Fa…


Entrepreneurship is not only attached with starting a new venture. Entrepreneur is the one who absorbs the risk and turn that risk in making profit, building goodwill, getting contracts and making business more prosperous day by day.

So what are the ingredients to be a successful entrepreneur. Is it Fund that make a business successful, marketing activities or something else?

A Pakistani businessman, Majyd Aziz in seminar told the ingredients as follows:

1. Desire
2. Development.
3. Determination
4. Dignity
5. Dare
6. Discipline
7. Dedication

He argued finance, marketing, human resource activities are important but 7 D's are the ingredients for a successful entrepreneur.
As student of business I must say dedication is the most important for turning any business into a successful venture.

Jobs market of Pakistan for Business Graduates

Graduating from business school is the dream of every candidate in Pakistan, no matter where he/she comes from - Engineering, medicine, arts, humanities, etc. Is it worthwhile to be a business graduate in today's economical conditions of world generally and Pakistan specifically? This question can be answered by looking at the job market of the country.
In 2008, worldwide recession had deteriorate the economic conditions of the big economies – USA, UK, UAE, etc. and developing economies – Pakistan, India, Brazil, etc. too. However, big economies recovered from this slump but developing countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and others too are paying price in terms of high inflation, unemployment, poverty, etc.
The highly indebt country Pakistan is suffering from the problem of liquidity, the main source of generating its liquidity is taxes, tariffs, aid and IMF loans. In recent years Govt. has raised taxes and tariffs at highest level of the history, which masses of the country are…