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Mini Battle will begin on March 30

The two countries, which always have been anti to each other in every walk of life ranging from politics to game, will play ICC World Cup 2011 semi-final on March 30.

In this connection experts have been naming this match as mini-battle between both of the countries. The situation for both the teams is like 'Do or Die'.

What record says? India have never been defeated in world cups matches by Pakistan. Has Pakistan need to worry little bit about the situation? The Odds of Indian team are higher than Pakistan? Will Odds favor the Indian team?
Certainly not, because if we look at other side of the coin. Pakistan have never lost any match at Mohali cricket ground from India. This makes very interesting to the match. Both of the team posses some records but unpredictability of Pakistani team makes it hot favorite team of the tournament.

Ultimately,people of sub-continent see the victory of game no matter who wins the battler..

US have made more than 1 million fake Facbook Accounts!

In the age of technology where the whole world - Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Australia, is considered as a Global village. People of every country are so close to each other that they can hear voice from one remote place of the world to another, this has been blessed only because of Internet.
Technology has been considered the key of every invention, modernization, change, in short, of everything.
Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and many other revolutions have been correlated with the technology; Egyptian revolution has been considered technological revolution, which merely came into being via Facebook.

Apart from all this, one of the US newspaper claimed that US have made more than 1 million Facebook accounts to instigate agitation in the countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and many more.
Experts claiming that US is controlling Facebook, through, they wish control the world or masses of the every country.

So, in gist, I'm fearing about the use of my name by US officials!!

Pakistan vs Canada

Pakistan has been all out on 184, which is very meager score to win the match despite low score the morale of team is very high to win the match.

Experts opined that Canada is not a experienced team, hence, there are very bright chances that Pakistan will celeberate the victory in this match.

Lets how Green shirts can manage the vitory.

Best of Luck!