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Entrepreneurship Trail - Day-2

The fervor, zeal, keenness and enthusiasm was at the highest velocity among the participant of the Spark, Entrepreneurship Trail on the second at IBA, main campus Karachi.
Had not slept well yesterday night despite this the energy level and motivation to attend and listen the distinguished speakers triggered to be there till the end of the day.

The day started with the finding ways to raise money - Everyone wants money, don't you? - for the start up. Mr. Ayaz and Mrs. Kazi were the guests who imparted us with the knowledge and information on how to raise capital for the new venture. As everyone know, borrowing money from the banks is the most difficult for the business, which is at the initial stage, so do opined by the guest speakers. According to Mr. Kazi, Banks must be pursued to put notice on their website "Borrowing from Banks for the start ups is injurious to the venture."
The most favorable and easiest way to raise the capital for the start up is from family and …

Entrepreneurship Trail

Spark is the name of the event organized by IBA Entrepreneurial Society, which has started today and it will last till June 29, 2011. This event consists of address of Distinguished speakers and trainers from Pakistan and around world, obviously via 'Skype.'  Some of them are Mr. Naeem Zafar, Umar Saif, and many more address in the coming two days.

The day-1 started with the Tilawaat of Quran. After the recitation, IBA Entrepreneurship Center head formally announced the conference open with short speech of welcoming guests, participants and organizers.

Mr. Naeem Zafar, an Engineer, Entrepreneur by an accident as he defined,  and writer of many books delivered his speech on the topic of 'Entrepreneurship.' I loved the definition of entrepreneurship he told, which is: "It is the pursuit of an opportunity with resources that you don't yet control." Look at the beautiful and motivational words in the definition, which you don't yet control. One need to u…

Comment on Budget 2011-12

Federal Budget of Pakistan has been presented in the National Assembly of Pakistan on June 03, 2011. On that day, it didn't look like a Parliament rather it was looking like fish market. Traditional opposition from 'Opposition' branches with chaos of daunting and chanting of slogans like 'Go America', 'Budget Na-Manzoor'.
At one occasion, one of the member of the parliament presented 'Meal' to the Finance Minister Mr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh. In addition to this, female parliamentarians were not behind the row, they thrown 'Bangles' at Finance Minister, which was ridiculous act.

As a student of Business and one of the common man, taking current economic and social conditions in the consideration, I must say, budget 2011-12 is a balanced budget.
Government of Pakistan (GoP) reduced sales tax from 17% to 16%, which is a good move to give relief to the poor and needy people of the country. Moreover, GoP has levied taxes on many items, which previo…