Pakistan Army Charged $1.4 billion for illegal use of public land

about $1.4 billion by the Auditor General of Pakistan after an audit report showed that the army had been using government land for commercial purpose illegally for decades.
Auditor-General of Pakistan, Tanveer Agha, has charged the Pakistan Army a mind-blowing sum of 120 billion rupees based on an audit report that reveals illegal, commercial use of public land by the army for decades.
According to the country's famous English daily The Express Tribune, the audit report was brought up before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in a meeting held on Thursday, January 20, 2011, in Islamabad. It showed illegal commercial use of Lahore’s Fortress Stadium by the army for decades without paying anything to the government. The Auditor General told the committee that the army should pay the government 120 billion rupees (about $1.4 billion), the amount they have generated over the years by the unfair use of public land in question.
Retired Lieutenant General Athar Ali, Pakistan’s Defense Secretary, defended the army in the meeting, regarding the report as nothing else but the auditor’s attempt to malign the army. He called the report’s figures “laughable”. The committee’s chairman, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, commented that some people were trying to malign the army, though he didn’t name anyone.
The discussion is said to have got so heated that one member, named Zafar Padhiar, warned he’d quit the committee since a friend of his had advised to write his will for putting army officers to question.

In this connection, masses of Pakistan generally and Political figures particularly raised voice to make army accountable in the court of law. People who are talking about this accountability also give example of recently alleged Indian Army General who is suspended.

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